Moving Image
Who Am I is a short clip portraying a person’s character and personality. The clip is an exploration into identity politics using alternative photographic processes and moving image.

The aim of the project is to visually represent someone’s identity in a ten second video.The short project “Who am I” depicts my friend Melanie’s identity through moving image.

Throughout the project I questioned whether “people are their authentic self when put in front of a camera?” This led me to look into the different identities someone can have, more specifically into alter egos.
Using the theme of perception and Melanie’s alter ego I wanted to show how she is seen from an outside point of view but also what personality she hides inside of herself. To show that duality I decided to shoot her using the reflection of a mirror. I tried different experimentation with the mirror. Looking at the footage, I felt it was important to highlight the dual personality she has.
I therefore made cyanotype prints of the images I shot of her.

When making the short film, I overlaid my prints on top of the actual footage. This way, the thematic of dual personalities would be strongly visible.
To accompany the video, I produced my own music using Ableton Live. I recorded sounds that I found interesting and played around with the keyboard to distort them. Finally I decided to break the mirror to symbolise the end of the duality and of my film.The film is explore individuality and encourages self-expression.

The audience ranges from mass-market to creatives in the art industry. Ideally, it would be projected as an experimental film during an art exhibition.

Cyanotype booklet: 21x15 cm with Arches platine art paper

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