The Antipodes is a project based on the thematic of opposite concepts.

It follows soldiers from the second world war and questions pre-conceived ideas of masculinity. The project aims to challenge stereotypes by contrasting the concept of femininity and masculinity.
“The other side” by Nan Goldin and “Storyville Portrait” by Ernest J. Bellocq were used as research material and later on explored into collages.

The juxtaposition of soldiers faces with ‘18th century prostitutes’ and ‘70’s drag queens of Boston’ creates powerful connotations.
The collages were then compiled into two publications. Each publication was made using French folds. The French fold allowed the audience to read the publication from both sides.
The most successful collages were then turned into cyanotypes posters.

Both Publication: 62 french folded pages/26.5 x 20 cm

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