Poster Design
Spieces of Spaces is a visual exploration of Georges Perec’s “Spieces of Spaces and other pieces’.

The project challenges conventional layout methods using various typographic experiments. Three words - namely: running, splitting and mapping - were extracted from Georges Perec’s passage.

The connotations of the three words were used as guides for visual experiments. For example, the text related to the word “mapping” was printed onto a folded piece of paper to mimic the layout of maps.
These typographic treatments were developed manually using the letterpress.

All the typographic experiments were printed onto newsprint and presented in three A3 books. The best experiments were used as posters.

Three books in size A3 using G.F Smith paper for the cover
Book cover: G.F Smith Takeo Tant select TS1, S-3 in 116 gsm
Book content: newsprint

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