Editorial Design
Pieces of Places is a two-part project following my friend Thora’s journey around London.Thora’s movements are represented by the orange coat she wears which is graphically depicted by an orange rectangle.

The first part ‘mapping’ intends to retrace her steps by visually locating her coat in London. This part is a compilation of abstract collages using scans of her coat.
‘Mapping’ was then turned into a publication using collages of her coat moving towards the places she visits, mimicking the layout of maps.

The second part “moving/static” also retraces Thora’s journey around London. This part focuses on Thora’s timeline for the day. The hours are layered onto collages representing actions she took at that time. The moment she leaves her house is dynamically brought to life within the book – when she puts on her coat, the orange rectangle is printed onto acetate and can be moved onto her body by turning the page.
Similarly, the moment when she comes home is also captured, as the acetate rectangle can be removed from her body when the reader turns the page.

The sketchbook of experimentations and interpretation of Thora’s personality and journey is shown below.

Mapping publication: 26x19cm; 22 pages
Moving/static publication: 26.5 x 18.5 cm; 41 pages

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All rights reserved