Editorial Design
I Remember explores self-identity through the representation of memorabilia. It focuses on people’s memories of their personal objects. The aim is to achieve self-representation through those objects and question whether the thematic of representation changes through time. Through a series of objects’ photography, the project explores the relationship between art historian Laelia and myself. I Remember is presented in the form of an intimate publication which follows a private conversation between the two protagonists about their memories of their objects and includes images of their objects and handmade prints. Our memories will differ because they are based on an individual’s experiences and ideologies.

Twenty objects were selected because they represent specific moments shared between Laelia and myself. Laelia’s memories are represented through film photography of her objects. My memories are represented through cyanotypes and tea-toned cyanotypes.

In both chapters, the size of the photographs and prints is proportional to the amount and quality of our memories. The photographs and prints are accompanied by the conversation about our memories. This conversation was printed onto folded papers whose size is also proportional to how well each memory is remembered. The text is hidden under the fold to show that memories are intimately stored into people’s mind. The printed conversation explains the meaning of each image, but it is up to the reader to decide whether to interpret the image on its own or to read the text. The reader, therefore, goes on a journey of opening each paper and dives into a person’s memory.

Ultimately, the book shows that “people express themselves through their possessions” (Miller, 2008, prologue) and challenges standard forms of portraiture. The audience ranges from mass-market to creatives in the design industry. They engage with the publication in museums or independent bookstores. The publication is accompanied by two portraits of Laelia. The portraits act as a reveal: the reader finally sees Laelia. Through film photography, I tried to create the most authentic and accurate portrait of Laelia using the environment and her objects to represent her.

Book size: 25 x 17.5 cm
Book cover: G.F Smith Takeo Tant Select TS-1, R-5 in 116 gsm
Book content (images): G.F Smith Mohawk Options, 100% PC White in 118 gsm
Book content (folded text): G.F Smith Munken Pure Smooth, Pure Smooth Cream in 90 gsm

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