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Short Film
I FORGET focuses on people who can’t remember their memories because they suffer from dementia. The project explores the thematic of self-representation amongst those suffering from brain disease. Since representation changes through time and memory deteriorates with time, I question whether people who lose their memories lose their identity?

The project is aimed at raising awareness of dementia.

I interviewed three people suffering from different stages of dementia. Using archive images of their hometown and personal objects, I discussed their past and tried to trigger their memories back. Through filmmaking, I created three portraits depicting their struggle with dementia.  

The project was accompanied by a photographic album and a coat ‘wearable memory’ which encompasses these people’s memories. Coats are made to protect us against weather conditions. Similarly, this coat is used as a tool to remember and aims to bring them comfort.

Not only are they wearing their memories, but they can also look at them, read them and feel closer to who they once were. The coat celebrates all the precious moments they shared.

Dementia affects patients but it also impacts relatives. Dementia faces all of us; however, it is only when we understand the effects that we can change our behaviours and help those concerned. It is, therefore, important to enrich people’s understanding of dementia,especially amongst the younger generation. People in their twenties form my main audience because they are the future carers. To engage my audience with the topic, I need to understand their culture to make the topic of dementia more accessible to them. Ideally, the project would be displayed in a gallery alongside the book and the coat.

Meeting each of them has deeply touched me and listening to their stories moved me. It was an emotional experience and I felt closely connected to them. I tried my hardest to show the intimacy and the emotions in my films so that the audience can also travel there and feel the same emotions.

Photographic album size: 15 x 21.5 cm, 17 pages
Photographic album cover: G.F Smith Tant Select TS-1, R-5 in 116 gsm
Photographic album content: G.F Smith Mohwak superfine, Ultra Smooth in 118gsm

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