Augmented Reality
Humanised Banknote is a collaborative project intending to enrich and humanise relations between people. As human beings, we have always exchanged value with each other. In a world dominated by capitalism, money has become the most prominent method of doing so. We feel that this is dehumanising, and that there are ways of exchanging value that allows more authenticity. With a diverse group of members, we decided to look into our individual places of origin in search of alternative currencies. Each member communicated their findings via a banknote, with the intention being that the user can put them into their wallet, and possibly implement some of these alternative currencies into their own life.

I come from the biggest tax haven in the world, Switzerland. I decided to research about the Swiss Banking Secrecy and ended up designing a banknote portraying the value “Secret”.The banknote humorously retraces Switzerland’s Banking Secrecy throughout history.  
My banknote can be digitalised using augmented reality. Users are able to scan the note with their phone to inspect the 3D details on the note.

All the banknotes were then compiled into a collaborative leaflet named “the Whole Earth Bank”.

My Banknote: 15.3 x 5.8 cm using G.F Smith Takeo tassel GA, White in 93 gsm
The Whole Earth Bank Catalogue: 14.6 x 21 cm using G.F Smith Colorplan, pale grey in 136 gsm
The Whole Earth Bank Catalogue Wallet: G.F Smith Colorplan, mist in 135gsm


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