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Grande Cible is the title of my White Show project. The aim of this project is to visually promote the garment I designed using film photography and moving image.

When I studied Fashion Design with Marketing, I took part in Central Saint Martins White Show. I designed and constructed my own garment using white cotton and felt.
My garment was inspired by child labour. I looked into children going to war in Vietnam in 1955 as well as my own family history. My grandparents and parents had to work in the fields as kids to help their family.
I designed this multi-functional garment with lots of pockets, layers and a basket on the back. I handmade the basket to represent labour. In Switzerland, they had to collect vegetables in the fields with a basket.

To promote my garment I decided to look back at my origins. My family owns a vineyard in which every generation has worked.
I chose to photograph the garment inside my family’s vineyard because they have worked long hours in there.
The vineyard is called “Grande Cible” which became the title for this project. I decided to use my mother as a model. Since she has worked in the vineyard as a little girl she represents the theme perfectly. I experimented with different locations ranging from my mother’s childhood home to the cabin that my grand grand father built in the vineyard. I also shot in the nature in Vallorbe to contrast with the vineyard. I also experimented with typography and looked at different fonts but ended up choosing Helvetica as it is made by Swiss designer Max Miedinger in 1957 and fits my theme perfectly.

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