Critical Report is my final year dissertation at Central Saint Martins, based on the themes of representation, identity politics and material culture. The dissertation attempts to answer the questions: “does the use of images and personal object create new forms of representation?” and subsequently “do those representations constitute the actual reality?”

Critical Report is a response to Joseph Kosuth’s ‘One and Three Chairs’ and the content is structured using Kosuth’s three forms of representation, namely: the objectual, the visual and the textural. It is presented as an installation that intentionally mimics ‘One and Three Chairs’. The installation consists of my critical report’s publication, the image inside the publication and the text of the publication.

The report is akin to a dictionary – an intentional design choice - aiming to reproduce Kosuth’s dictionary definition of the word chair.

Saddle stitch booklet, 14x24cm
Cover: G.F Smith Naturalis, Absolute White Matt in 250gsm
Content: G.F Smith Mohawk Superfine, Ultra Smooth in118gsm

Copyright© Danae Valterio
All rights reserved